Advanced professional training in Automotive Industry

Method Classroom method / Dual* / English**
Schedule Morning or Afternoon
Classroom hours 1.584h / 1.188h*
Practice hours + 416h / 944h*

* Dual Modality hours distribution
** Also in English with 10 hours of classes per week (8h in the workshop and 2h in the classroom)


Official degree
Higher Degree

2 school years

Training in the



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Fill out the form and we will send you the information you need about the Higher Degree Training Cycle in Online Automotive:

    Are you interested in this course?

    Fill out the form and we will send you the information you need about the Higher Degree Training Cycle in Online Automotive:


      With this professional training you will become a professional capable of organising, scheduling and supervising the implementation of maintenance and logistics operations in the automotive sector: cars, heavy vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural and public work machinery; diagnosing breakdowns in complex cases and ensuring compliance with the specifications established by the regulations and by the vehicle manufacturer.

      First year
      • Electrical and safety and comfort systems
      • Power transmission systems and undercarriages
      • Thermal engines and their auxiliary systems
      • Communication and interpersonal strategies
      • Career Training and Orientation (FOL)
      • Business and Entrepreneurship (EIE)
      Second year
      • Non-structural removable and fixed elements
      • Surface treatment and coating
      • Vehicle structures
      • Vehicle maintenance management and logistics
      • Automotive project in English
      • Career Training and Orientation (FOL)
      • Workplace Training (FCT)

      Also in dual method

      The student completes the first year at Monlau and starts the 100 hours of internship in the company as from the third term. Once completed and after undergoing a process of assessment of their attitude and professional skills, the company gives the student an employment contract or a one-year scholarship.

      Shared responsibility between the school and the company

      In the second year, the company assumes training responsibilities and adjusts to the student needs in order to complement the academic training that the student is still receiving in Monlau (3 hours a day).

      This coexistence system enables the possibility of acquiring the necessary skills in the classrooms and workshops of the school, as well as on the company’s premises.

      Also in English mode!

      The technical classes are taught in English to acquire specific vocabulary from the Automotive sector.

      Career opportunities

      Once the Higher Degree in Automotive Training Cycle is finished, you can work as:

      • Responsible for electromechanical area and motor vehicle garage
      • Vehicle receptionist
      • Vehicle Technical Inspection (ITV) Manager
      • Expert Vehicle Appraiser
      • Bodywork area manager: bodywork and painting
      • Service Manager
      • Spare parts department manager
      • Responsible for the commercial area of vehicle-related equipment

      Further study

      Once you have completed this professional training, you will be able to access the University or the professional market.

      You can continue your training in Monlau with one of our Postgraduate courses or with continuing education courses for companies and professionals in Monlau Corporate!


      In Monlau we teach the Higher Degree Training Cycle in Automotive in different modalities.
      You can choose the one that best suits your needs!

      Classroom Teaching

      Monlau La Maquinista
      Calle Caracas 35, 08030 Barcelona


      Automoción online
      through  ✔Linkia

      Would you like to study Automotive Industry at Monlau?


      As the central learning space, with an approach based on the acquisition of practical skills.

      Comprehensive training offering

      That will accompany you throughout your academic and professional career.

      Teaching staff

      With a high level of expertise in the automotive sector.


      Professional quality seal

      Recognised by the labour market.


      Mentoring and guidance for students and families.

      Presence of companies

      And shared work to guarantee the quality of training and the employability of the students.

      Degrees of specialization

      We develop specialization courses so you can continue training once you finish the professional cycle.

      International Program

      Take advantage of the Erasmus+ Program for Europe to practice English and do internships in local companies.

      Teaching staff

      Iban Ventura
      Iban Ventura

      Managing Director

      Gaspar Busquets
      Gaspar Busquets

      Director of the Centre

      Oriol Puiggermanal
      Oriol Puiggermanal

      Head of Professional Training and Advanced PF Studies

      Francisco López
      Francisco López

      Head of Professional Training and Intermediate PF Studies

      Carlos Salazar
      Carlos Salazar

      Head of the Automotive Industry Area

      José Luis Sánchez
      José Luis Sánchez

      Coordinator of the Automotive Mechanics Department

      Miguel Ángel Nuño
      Miguel Ángel Nuño

      Coordinator of the Motorcycle Mechanics Department

      Manuel Moreno
      Manuel Moreno

      Coordinator of the Bodywork Department

      Antonio Iturriaga
      Antonio Iturriaga

      Coordinator of the Machining Department

      Sergio López
      Sergio López

      Electricity Department Coordinator

      Javier Loscos
      Javier Loscos

      Coordinator of the Cross Department

      Would you like to study Automotive Industry at Monlau?

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