Our international mobility programmes are present
in all our educational offerings.

Our international projects —Erasmus+ and Working Abroad Monlau (WAM)
will allow you to experience different international professional opportunities that will enhance
your professional career, consolidate your learning process
and strengthen your language skills.

What are the benefits of studying or working abroad?



Improving your language skills.
These days learning one language to just put it in your resume is not enough anymore—you need to experience cultural and language immersion in a foreign country.

It will be the best scenario to practice your command of the language.

Make your resume more professional


The chance to complete your training by working in your specialty in a foreign country will open the door to new employment opportunities. You will be able to work in England, Malta, France, etc., which will lay a priceless foundation for your training and work experience.

Broaden your horizons


Discover new cultures and traditions. Work with professionals from different specialties in any country. Share work experiences in multicultural environments.

All this will help you have a global and international vision that you can apply to your professional experience in the future.

Build bridges


Interacting with professionals from other countries, sharing new pedagogical methodologies, studying cases of good practices with other schools and companies, participating in job shadowing programs, etc., are some of the benefits of your experience beyond our borders.

Working Abroad Monlau (WAM): new countries, new employment opportunities

Our work doesn’t end in the classroom.
Employment opportunities extend beyond our everyday environment.

This is why Monlau promotes relationships with international companies so that our students can start their professional careers with more confidence and more personal and professional independence outside our borders.

Erasmus Monlau Policy Statement

As a training centre, we aim to make our students as well prepared as possible, enabling them to successfully face their future career. It is becoming increasingly common to move to other countries to find employment opportunities that provide new experiences and allow them to be more successful.

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