Monlau is a leading professional training centre in Catalonia
with a wide, complete and modern range of courses.

Monlau, an educational project for tomorrow’s challenges!

The world is changing so fast. Technological changes are the driving force behind extraordinary transformations that are not restricted to a single area of society, on the contrary, they shape all areas of our lives.

How should an educational project like Monlau’s respond to such fascinating challenges? It must change the ways we think, do, feel and are.

Our students will be prepared and trained to integrate into an increasingly demanding society. This means that we prepare them with a flexible and versatile knowledge that can be easily adapted to any challengethey may face.

We prioritise a knowledge model whereknowledge is subject to the development of the wish to know and the ability to access knowledge.

The school of the future has to be conceived in the context of everyday teaching and today’s social, scientific and technological developments. What do we want to communicate through this statement? That a school like Monlau is a dynamic organisation, closely related to the historical times it is experiencing and with the aim of preparing our students for an uncertain and highly demanding future.

We define Monlau as a centre with an inclusive aspiration, which uses active methodologies, paying attention to diversity and willing to continuously review and improve. We also consider a privilege to devote ourselves to an activity so essential to define a society seeking to achieve the general welfare and considering education as the greatest asset of humanity.

The faculty of Monlau Professional Studies promotes research and communication skills. We encourage cooperative working practices and the desire to access effective learning. We evaluate the successes achieved at Monlau and outside the school and motivate students to overcome any obstacles.

Monlau is not an ending point, but the starting point to make learning and knowledge a stimulusthat will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

We are a family institution devoted to teaching since 1982.

We want our students to experience the three values that define us as a school and to be able to take ownership of them and become aware of their importance. By doing so, we contribute to the development of upright people both personally and professionally.


We are responsible for your learning path in Monlau.


Our methodology is based on analysis, innovation and development processes.


We work with our students to address their academic and personal needs.

Each year, over 2,000 students are trained in our classrooms, growing with us.
With the integration of a professional and solid personal learning model for their future.

Monlau ESO & Batxillerat

Meet Monlau Secondary Education and High School courses

Monlau Technical School

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Monlau ESO & Batxillerat

Meet Monlau Secondary Education and High School courses

Monlau Motul Technical School

Meet Monlau Competition training programmes!

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