Last month, we were given a talk by Audrey de Paepe, a young American researcher who is currently conducting an investigation in Spain. This event was held in Can Fabra with the purpose of gaining knowledge in the field of neuroscience.

Audrey came to Spain thanks to the Fulbright program, which is a scholarship that enable students to travel abroad to either teach English, do research or do graduate studies. Firstly, Audrey told us a bit about her personal experience and how she got into neuroscience – a psychology course she had taken back in high school made her realize her passion for it. Then, she explained to us what she was investigating – the underlying neural correlates of apathy in Huntington’s disease.

Altogether, after the lecture, we realized how important intercultural exchanges are as they help us not only gain knowledge but also broaden our mind. All in all, we encourage everyone to travel abroad and/or attend talks, which are great opportunities to learn.

 Sandra Chen & Chenchen Liao 

Bachillerato Students

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